It has been more than 40 years of production experience. All these years we could supply women, kids, and families’ hygienic needs.
We would be always by your side with our slogans “Courage to Change” and “Towards Peace”. Morvarid Panberes Company as one of the first manufacturers of all types of diapers and sanitary napkins (Air Laid) in Iran, has started its activity in 1983.

The products of this company include seven types of standard winged and simple sanitary napkins, ordinary diapers, and all kinds of tissue by Panberes and Camaro brands.
Since 2001, a variety of wet cloths have been added, including different cleansers: make-up wipes, handkerchiefs, and a disposable wipe for household appliances. Also, adult diapers as one of the health needs are being marketed by the company in different sizes.