Meditate to find inner peace

Have you ever decided to look after the health of your mind? Like every single system, such as computers that keep freezing to restart with better performance, we as a human need rest as well.
Meditation is a technique that helps you to feel happier and healthier, but where to begin?
Almost everyone had experienced anxiety, stress, or job pressure in the workplace and would assume that it’s inevitable to be stressed out. But does it really reverse the influence of stress on bodies? Yes, according to research done by Harvard Medical School, undertaking before and after the eight-week program, changes had been made in brain regions involving learning and self-referential process as well as working.
Meditation and mindfulness practice has been studied for decades and proved their benefits in the workplace. For example, some of the benefits leading to improvement in our brains are reducing prejudice, improving cognition, improving memory and creativity, decrease blood pressure, and obviously reducing stress.
Everyone can start meditation without any special equipment or joining a club and only by focusing on deep breathing. Practicing meditation helps us avoid any unpleasant emotions and thoughts thus feeling calm and empathetically with others which is a valuable factor especially in the workplace. The positive correlation between job satisfaction and meditation foster the characteristics that cause a better relationship with colleagues.