Mission Matters

In an interview with Adam Torres, Mohammad Vatandoust discusses his first big break into the world of business as the owner of a gas station and a restaurant, the subsequent financial shock that changed his perspective toward life, and his comeback.

Mohammad Vatandoust started working by getting a job at a gas station at the age of 16, as a way to carve out his own path in the world. He turned this entry-level job into a huge opportunity when he increased the revenue of the gas station by 15 to 20 percent when its owner left him in charge.

“Next, I went ahead and bought a restaurant,” says Mohammad. His rise continued when his business did so well that he managed to sell it for $300,000. “At that time, I was also studying at university, so it became tough for me to manage both,” Mohammad tells Adam.

But things took a downturn for him around 2007-2008 when the economy took a hit.

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