Mental state

Our mind is formed in different segments, right?
As they say, consider folder shelves that memories are kept in and every time we face a new obstacle, we turn to those folders in that cabinet
And based on how we analyzed the situation, we take out the emotions behind memory and protect your existence in order for your physical state to get the feeling and enter the mood.

We see famous and people of high influence such as Gandhi, philosophers, Bruce Lee.
They all have a philosophy. These philosophies are all about how to control your mental_state.
Successful people are the ones that can dominant their mental state and do not let the analytic mind create routines and give routine commands to their physical state because they’re living a routine life

The key to success, because your mind works like an IC board, to create the future it refers to the past. Analyzes the past and based on it commands the physical state. The more that we learn how to control our mental state and develop it, teach it instead of going back to the past see the future. Instead of learning from the past learn from the future And define your physical state and existence based on it.
This gets you a step closer to success.